Exhibition between exhibitions
Placing emerging into the established

pro tempore.art [occupying a position either temporarily or in the absence of something regular or fixed] is a curatorial collective established by 5 artists and curators in 2017: Anna Clarisse Holck Wæhrens, Isabella Hemmersbach, Jamiee Williams, Julie Sophie Koldby and Sia Hurtigkarl Degel.

pro tempore.art curate exhibitions showing emerging artists in established gallery spaces. We give unrepresented artists a temporary place within the established art world, by taking over renowned galleries’ spaces and arranging ultra short exhibitions in between the galleries’ own shows.
Placing emerging into the established. Break the ordinary framework of exhibitions, creating waves within the gallery scene and challenging the traditional structues of the art world .

pro temp. is multifaceted as it utilises the existing infrastructure of the art world and realises the potential of unused space.

pro tempore.art  seeks to comment on the existing art world and to fill a void that exists between the emerging art scene and the established gallery.

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