Membran III (Kan eller skal beholdernes indhold fortæres?)(2023)
Emilie Tarp Østensgård

The texts and images in the installation are borrowed from Emilie Tarp Østensgård’s publication from 2021. It is preoccupied with the relation between language and object, with language as object and with connecting or creating space between inner and outer textual experiences. It explores rather formal aspects of written language as well as the notion of language as an instrument of power. With a critical eye the landscapes of language are examined and hereby also the possibilities of moving differently within them.

Materials: Text, window film
Dimensions: Variable dimensions


With a background in sculpture Østensgård works cross-media with both objects, text, installation and drawing. The relationship between sign and the signified is central to Østensgård’s practice. Her work often orbits language and the experience of being born in a nonverbal, sentient body but living most of life in a linguistic representation of the world. Through her images she wishes to challenge the narratives we act out through language as well as its existing form and inherent logics.

Photos: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Exhibition between exhibitions. Placing emerging into the established.