Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Allow Me to Introduce Myself is the first group exhibition organised by pro temp. 

Allow me to introduce myself is a first “hi” from pro temp. and the invited artists. The title refers to the humble journey that emerging artists have to take when establishing themselves as artists, through experience, handshakes and attendance.

Introducing yourself as an emerging artist requires a definition of a self, and identifying the artist as an individual entity within a larger framework. An introduction in this context can thus be understood as a meeting of minds, bodies, expectations, and definitions as well as world views; within physical structures in time, space and society. Allow me to introduce myself is an exhibition and a manifestation of this starting point. With the self as a common denominator for a group of artists concerned with their bodies, societal structures and ultimately a self.

For one evening, pro temp. will introduce the new to the established, exhibiting emerging artists at Galleri Susanne Ottesen. The exhibition is a temporary experiment replacing regular emptiness with moments of artistic collaborations and new vibrations.

The exhibition will run only for the evening 16:00 - 21:00 and will introduce a group of 15 artists:

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself
First show by pro temp.
@ Galleri Susanne Ottesen

Special thanks to
Susanne Ottesen + team

All exhibiting artists:
Aske Thiberg (DK), Casper-Malte Augusta (DK), Esben Holk (DK) Filip Vest (DK), Iben Zorn (DK), Isabella Hemmersbach (DK), Julie Falk (DK) Julie Sophie Koldby (DK), Katrine Bobek (DK), Mads Lindberg (DK), Mikkel Rundin (DK) Nour Fog (DK),
Simin Stine Ramezanali (DK),
Viktor Henderson (DK)

pro temp. is in collaboration with artist Laurits Gulløv publishing an artistic publication during the exhibition period. The publication is an ultra temporary and performative experiment where Laurits Gulløv is creating a piece with inspiration from the title of the show. This is created as a trace of a glimpse of the exhibition by pro temp.

Reading by Laurits Gulløv at 16.30 and 20.00, by Iben Zorn at 17:30 and a performance by Casper-Malte Augusta at 19:00.
All photos by Simon Heger Knudsen

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