Filip Vest

Phantom Roots is a new site-specific version of an installation and performative audio guide taking you on a journey around Bikuben Fonden's office space. The story revolves around a group of walking office plants, ”the potted plant people”, that have come into being through a series of mysterious incidents and now inhabit the spaces as they reproduce themselves and make plan(t)s. They dream of detaching themselves from the collective mind, but independence comes with a price... Phantom Roots is a story about office plants, interdependence and loneliness, about working, growing, longing, and being homesick.

Materials: Installation, audio guide
Dimensions: Variable dimensions


Filip Vest (b. 1995, DK) lives in Copenhagen and holds an MFA from Malmö Art Academy. Through performances, installations, films and texts, he examines queer love, loneliness and desire in the 21st century. His works deal with how objects are turned into humans, and how humans are turned into objects – and how the spaces we live in affects us. The characters are always a kind of hybrids, somewhere between abstract and concrete, talking and dumb, between animate and inanimate. Through mobile phones, walls and windows, they communicate and miscommunicate across species and time in a vast network of small and large things affecting each other.

Photos: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Exhibition between exhibitions. Placing emerging into the established.