Little Soul, Little Drifter (2022)
Julie Falk

Julie Falk's works position themselves in space. They take up space and infiltrate. Rather than being individuals, the sculptures illuminate mutual interaction. As if a connection exists outside the singular boundary of the works. It is a way of challenging binary oppositions, and instead working on the relational level between forces.

Floating on the margin of the architecture, the work activates the space's infrastructure. The sculpture models its surroundings and suggests gravity, space, movement and light as decisive materials.

Materials: Jesmonite
Dimensions: 30x30 cm


Julie Falk (b. 1991, DK) is a visual artist educated from Malmö Art Academy, but currently living in Copenhagen. She works in the intersection between sculpture and concept, where everyday elements are merged with materials from a context of sculptural production. In physical and formal language, she treats topics such as temporality, autonomy and interdependence.

Currently, Falk is working on a solo exhibition for the new exhibition platform All All All, hosted by Kunstforeningen GL. Strand.

Photos: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Exhibition between exhibitions. Placing emerging into the established.