FRESH (2020)
Rune Bering & Kevin Josias

Ocean Breeze Fresh Boost, Clean Fresh Pine, Active Fresh, Ocean Fresh, Fresh Boost, Fresh Power Tropical Blossom, Power Fresh , Clean & Fresh Country Scent... amongst synthetic scents, flower labels, waves of rendered stock photos, romanticized illustrations and idealized biology one should find freshness when cleaning toilets. The concept “fresh” draws on cliches such as comfortable, clean and idyllic nature. The series of resin-cast toiletcleaner sculptures refer to a marketing universe, where commercial goods are staged through nature which stands in stark contrast to how they were produced. 

Materials: Resin
Varying dimension, app. 30x10 cm


Kevin Josias (b. 1989, DK)  is a Copenhagen-based visual artist working within the fields of sculpture, installation, lighting and spatial design. His practise incorporates use of industrial and standardized materials, shapes, and components mixed with an aesthetic fluidity rooted in the processes of casting and modeling by hand; an almost dogmatic juxtaposition of human labour and the anarchy of technology.
Thematically Kevin Josias’ works seem to reference the complexity of subjects such as social status, class affiliation and human vanity. 
With his latest show Live Fast Young Diet Josias investigated the spirituality zeitgest of the western world from a fashion point of view.

Bering (b. 1984, DK) is interested in systems of meaning - technologies, communication media, and archives. He examines how these systems manifest physically in materials and conceptually in relationships between people. The digital world, nature, and our history run on such inherent structures. He tries to understand social and cultural changes by uncovering how their underlying systems behave and interconnect.

Bering’s artistic practice can be described as that of an excavator and editor. Among technological developments, marketing strategies, and political agendas, he searches for what things consist of, their production, and their context. He works with found systems that I stage through new materials and new forms. Focusing on objects that we deal with on a daily basis, and often do not attach much importance to, he persistently hone in on the glitches, shifts, and breaches of interpretation between subjective choices and existing protocols. By avoiding definitive conclusions or judgment, he instead seeks to expose the complexity of topics that are socially relevant but often disguised as banal.

Photos: Niklas Adrian Vindelev

Exhibition between exhibitions. Placing emerging into the established.